Art Final Reflection

I think I focused and explained things well on this project . I was proud of how I include some of my favorite colors in the ink , my favorite shapes in the carving plate and for making a interlocking motif. so of my favorite colors are red, yellow and orange. For example I used a heart as my creative thinking and I used a diamond for my cultural infers. I like heart because love is a big part of my life and the harts interlocking to look like a infinity mark, it all most symbolizes infinite love. I like the diamond because the Italian tile art has a diamond that is a big symbol. I think that I should have had more negative space in my cutler influence and should have used a ruler. For example if I added more negative space the motif would look more equal and if I used a ruler I would have more starter lines. I think the I should have bin a better design to tell people that I like music. For example I could have added music notes or add lines on the ends and out notes on them to make a music piece on the hole motif.

I think that my prints are very accurate in interlocking and the harts interlock very well. but the colors make it hard to see how the checker pater matches. I think it’s very interesting how those small imperfections make the motif more realistic. I choose red, yellow and orange because thought symbolize fire and I like a bright burning fire and my favorite color is red. to me a burning fire means a thriving family and a happy life. I think that my colors are unified and it helps that the color are the first three of the rainbow.







Art Unit 1 Reflection

I think that learning the gradation scale, the value scale, the highlight, and the shadows helped me because if I did no learn about them then all me drawing would look plane and motionless. For example if I did not have gradation the prostrate colors of light and dark would not mix and thats why I used a blending stump, it showed gradation very well . another example is if I did not have shadows the portrait would not look three-demential and would look very realistic.

I feel like the shadows needed to be a little light because then the shadows would look a lot like my hair.For example if they were the same color and the people how see the portrait would think that the shadows are the hair. also I feel that the noes should have bin smaller in shape because the proportion of the noes does not mach the face. for example if the noes is not proportional then the face would look unproportional.

I think that I am a open minded artiest, it helped in the project because if I get suggestions then I will consider them and put them in my portrait. For example if a friend tells me that the line of the nose should be more curved. also I think that I am a curios artist, it helped me in the project because if I am at a wall then I can look at my friends project that might let me through the wall. For example if I don’t now how to put the noes then my curiosity comes out and looks a another, project it might help me.

Living With Computers

My favorite thing we did was making the passwords because we had freedom and I like making passwords. One thing I learned these 2 days, was that if you make a password if has to be very hard to crack so don’t make it your birthday or your pets name.