UNIT – 2 Printing


In this unit of printmaking, I think one of my strengths was carving the print onto the plate. I think this because I was very specific in the direction that I carved, and when I printed there were nearly no extra marks on the paper. Also, I made sure that I didn’t carve too deep or to shallow. I am very proud of my idea to have a polychromatic design, it had a very great amount of unity. The colouring really represented me and, they made my print more successful because the colours were simple but meaningful. I am also proud of my cultural and personal aspect of the design because both of them were very unique to me. I think that I could improve my cultural influence idea by separating the cherry blossom symbol a little bit so that the circles could also represent the Japanese flag. I think I could improve my personal interest idea.  one way of doing it would be, using the four sets of three lines connecting the infinity symbol to the cherry blossom families to represent something. For example, there are four sets of circles, I could say that the lines are connecting my whole family (Mom, Brother, Dad, and Dog). The infinity symbol could represent me and also be connected to my creative thinking Idea.


I think the interlocking of my print is mostly accurate except for a few corners which were not very noticeable. In all of the corners of my design, there were three semi-circles and all of them interlocked, turned out to be in the shape of a Sakura/cherry blossom with five petals. This helped me to come up with my personal interest and my cultural interest. The colours in my print are blue and black, blue represents peace and calm and that is what I have in my family. And black represents truce which is all over Japan, which relates to my cultural thinking idea. My colour plan is unified because all of the outside prints are blue ink on black paper and the inside print is black ink on blue paper, this identifies unity because the colours are balanced throughout the whole project and the blue stands out on the black paper as well as standing out on the blue paper.

Overall, I really enjoyed this unit and wish we could inquire more into


Tech Days

Technology is about solving problems, today I inquired and experimented the concept of bridge testing. We had to create a bridge that was strong enough to hold up as many laptops as possible. The bridge had to be eighty centimeters long and balanced between two chairs, we only got five glue sticks and one hundred […]