Unit One Reflection

Question 1. How did my learning help me to improve and learn to draw realistically?

In art class, I have made progress in many ways. I learned that the blending stump was useful because it helped me get pencil marks to go away by blending them. Also, it helped me blend the colours to produce clear gradation. I also learned that highlights and shadows helped make my portrait look three dimensional and realistic. I asked other people for their opinions on what I could improve on and took their advice to make my self-portrait look more real. I have really improved on my drawing skills and making my pictures look more three dimensional.


Question 2. What two things would you do to make your drawing even better?

I think that if I had to choose two things to make my drawing better I would choose shadowing and highlighting. Shadowing because it was hard to get the right shade from the value scale and if I would have used the technique of gradation then maybe my self-portrait would look a little bit more three dimensional. Highlighting because it was quite hard to get the light areas very light because the paper was ripping, I think if I erased more gently then maybe there would be a better chance of the highlighted areas to look brighter.

Question 3. Which two learner profiles would you choose to describe yourself during this unit?

I think the two learner profiles that describe me best are communicator and, commitment. Communicator because I always asked others for their opinions and took that advice to make my portrait better, also I never refused any suggestions because everyone has their own opinion and perspective. The advice really helped me improve my portrait. Commitment because I came to open studio every morning to work on my self-portrait and I also worked very hard in class to finish on time with a product that I was happy with.

Overall, I really enjoyed this unit. I learned a lot about drawing from it.


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