Tech Days

Technology is about solving problems,

today I inquired and experimented the concept of bridge testing. We had to create a bridge that was strong enough to hold up as many laptops as possible. The bridge had to be eighty centimeters long and balanced between two chairs, we only got five glue sticks and one hundred chopsticks. We had 45 minutes to complete this challenge. At first, we were very aware of the amount of glue that we had, we conserved as much as possible for the end. By the end, we had nearly ten chopsticks left to glue on and we were struggling to get the glue out of the gun, I had the idea of taking the end of a pen and pushing the glue out with that. It worked and we finished our bridge with confidence. My group tied for first, we were very happy with our results.

I also discovered and experimented with paper crafts, we had to choose characters off of a site which had 2D shapes on it. We printed it out on very thick paper and cut the shapes out to transform them into a three-dimensional character. I struggled to fit the corners together and made extra flaps to hold them together. This helped me to complete the challenge of making a three-dimensional character that can stand up.

I really enjoyed this day, it helped me learn how to solve problems.
This was a great learning experience.

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