UNIT 2 – Printmaking

Overall, in our printmaking unit, I think I did quite well. Although sometimes I messed up, or did not do as well, I am happy with my work. I think one of my strengths was creating my motif. I think this because I really like the way my motif designs turned out, and I like how they represent me. For example, in my final motif design, I have half of a star on each side, when you put them together you get a full star, that’s like me. I have different parts of me, and I mean things that make me, me. Something I was not so great at was carving. As I was carving my motif into the carving plate, I messed up a few times and the edges of certain areas were ragged. At one point, I pushed the carving tool a bit too far, and it cut into a part of the pattern. I thought I would try to solve the problem. So, I carved the other side, as well, to even it out a bit. the line was a lot narrower than I intended it to be, and the shape looked kind of strange, but I guess it was okay. If I were to improve my Cultural Influence idea, I would probably put the American flag and the Japanese flag together, to show how I am American – Japanese. Something I would do to (maybe) improve my Personal Interest idea would be to base it on my friends and family because I really care about these people. When I was drawing my ideas, one of my first was to actually have a bunch of people in many lines, all in different angles, holding hands. Then, I had a great big heart in the middle, to show how I care about these people. I still liked my final motif design much better, because it shows how everybody is connected in some way, and I just think it looks a lot cooler. I think my positive and negative space was very balanced.

I think my interlocking was very accurate, and it makes a lot of sense because I made lots of measurements using my ruler. I also took a picture of the design, and duplicated it a bunch of times, then I assembled it to see if it interlocked. I think my interlocking created a lot of new shapes, for example, in the corners, it has a few half circles, and if we interlock 4 of my designs together, it creates a flower shape and/or a star. I chose to use monochromatic colors for my printing, both ink and paper. I chose black and white because it is very simple, and is not dark nor light, it is somewhere in between. It’s like when you are conflicted, and you do not know whether to choose good or bad, dark or light. Black and white are very special colors, they are not analogous, they are not complementary colors, they are not on the color wheel, yet they are so different. Black is the darkest color ever, and white is the lightest. My colors are very unified, because they are definitely not random, and they are very organized. When I had to transfer the print from the plate to the paper, I think I must have gotten the paper wet with the sponge, and it got soggy and it ripped, so I had to do it again. But after that I was more careful, and it was much better. I think I did very well, and I am very proud of myself.

Art Unit 1 Reflection

My drawing has improved in many ways. I’ve learnt the words: value, contrast, proportion, gradation, representational, and interpretation. I know what they mean, now. And I know how to use them as well. Now, I look back at what I drew in Class 1, and I look at what I drew in Class 13. My learning helped me to improve and learn to draw more realistically because to draw realistically I needed values and gradation. Without shadows and highlights, my drawings would look 2D and it will not be realistic, that means I had to use the blending stump a LOT, and not just one, but I needed to use many different sized ones. For example, when there was a very tight/detailed area that I needed to blend, I would use a small thin blending stump, and when it was a big/wide area, the opposite.

2 things I would do to make my drawing even better would be: 1) Proportion. and 2) Values. I think proportion is very important when you are drawing a face realistically because you want the face features to be in the correct size, shape, and place. I believe different values are important when I am drawing something 3D because shadows are needed to do that. There are dark shadows/values and light shadows/values on peoples faces. I think these will make differences in my drawings.

I think the 2 words that best describe me as an artist this unit is risk-taker, and open-minded because I decided to challenge myself and try to draw myself at a side angle, this definitely made it harder, but also more fun! I have learnt a lot, and I have discovered that I am a very enthusiastic and risk-taking person. I believe this because I was open to try something new by taking a different angle and point of view.


Hi! Today I am going to share with you, what I learned about ATL’s by watching videos from grade 7, 8, and 9’s blogs. I think one of the key things they were trying to tell us was that when you do not understand something, it is always important to ask. It doesn’t really matter who you ask, it could be your friend, teacher, classmate, mom, dad, or sibling. Collaboration is also important because we need to work together as a team, to achieve our goals. Communication is important because we need to be able to share our ideas and make them clear, everyone needs a voice. If we did not know these, I bet we wouldn’t be able to finish anything that requires teamwork.

Living with Laptops

This is only our second day having our computers, and my head is already spinning because it’s so complicated. To make me feel a bit better about having them (although just the thought of bringing them home excites me), I came up with a few this that will keep me happy and healthy while living with them.              1. Make sure my back is straight, and my shoulders are out. (posture)                      2. Don’t spend all your time on the computer, go outside and get some exersize!  3. Charge the computer at night, or it will not have any battery in the morning!     These tips will help me and you to stay happy and healthy, living with laptops.