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Art Unit 1 Reflection

My drawing has improved in many ways. I’ve learnt the words: value, contrast, proportion, gradation, representational, and interpretation. I know what they mean, now. And I know how to use them as well. Now, I look back at what I drew in Class 1, and I look at what I drew in Class 13. My learning helped me to improve and learn to draw more realistically because to draw realistically I needed values and gradation. Without shadows and highlights, my drawings would look 2D and it will not be realistic, that means I had to use the blending stump a LOT, and not just one, but I needed to use many different sized ones. For example, when there was a very tight/detailed area that I needed to blend, I would use a small thin blending stump, and when it was a big/wide area, the opposite.

2 things I would do to make my drawing even better would be: 1) Proportion. and 2) Values. I think proportion is very important when you are drawing a face realistically because you want the face features to be in the correct size, shape, and place. I believe different values are important when I am drawing something 3D because shadows are needed to do that. There are dark shadows/values and light shadows/values on peoples faces. I think these will make differences in my drawings.

I think the 2 words that best describe me as an artist this unit is risk-taker, and open-minded because I decided to challenge myself and try to draw myself at a side angle, this definitely made it harder, but also more fun! I have learnt a lot, and I have discovered that I am a very enthusiastic and risk-taking person. I believe this because I was open to try something new by taking a different angle and point of view.