Art Unit 1 Reflection

My learning has helped me to understand how to use the correct art tools and how to use them effectively.  I also learned that artists need time to practice their drawings, also to make mistakes and be able to learn from those mistakes.  Because for example, I messed up on the highlights on my face, but I came to open studio a lot and had time to fix it and learn from Mr.Reed how I could to it better.  Also, I learned to ask different people for advice. This helped me a lot because different people have different perspectives and views so the more people that give me compliments and suggestions the more I can fix and learn from my drawings.  Also, the value and gradation scale really helped me to get all the correct values and gradation which made my self-portrait look way more realistic. Another thing that helped me a lot was when we did the eyes, nose, mouth study. This helped me so much going into the self-portrait because I had a substantial knowledge of shadows, highlights, values, graduation, and contrast.  So I could apply all of this knowledge to my self-portrait drawing, and since I had all this knowledge I was able to make a pretty realistic self-portrait. Finally, I learned how to draw better by reflecting on reflecting about my self-portrait.


If I had another chance to go back and change my self-portrait then I would try to deeply reflect more on what I could improve on.  I think that this would help me realize if I’m doing something incorrectly. Because for example when I was drawing my hair I did not stop and carefully consider if I was doing something wrong and I ended up doing something wrong.  So if I drew my self-portrait again I would reflect on it before taking the next step. Also, I think that I would be more careful with my blending stump because I realized that if you blend to hard then tiny bits of the paper will come of which you don’t want to I would be more gentle with my blending stump.  Finally, I would improve my problem-solving skills. I would do this because when I was making shadows on the nose I realized that the graduation was a bit off. Instead of trying to think about what I could do to fix it I erased it all and restarted, But I should have thought of a more efficient way to fix the mistake.  Another thing I could have done better was the way I erased. For example, when I did the highlights on the hair I wasn’t able to get all of the small highlights that were crucial to making my hair realistic. So I would have broken an eraser and used the very sharp end to make small and different shaped highlights.  And also I drew some really dark lines, which made my portrait look a bit cartoony. 


I think that the 2 words that describe me during this unit are self-managed and communicator.  I chose self-managed because I really think during this unit I was very concentrated and self-managed.  I great example of this is that I came to a lot of open studios, this way I could practice and work on my self-portrait.  Also, another example of this is when I was in class I was almost always very focused and on topic. Self-management as affected me a lot because since I was self-managed I was able to practice a lot, and make mistakes because I had time to fix them if I was focused.  So if I was self-managed I concentrated very well and in depth on the drawing so self-management has definitely made my portrait better. I think I was a good communicator because when I asked my classmates about what I could do better I had to ask them good questions in order to get really good feedback.  An example of this is when I was having trouble understanding the shadows. I had to ask and communicate with my classmates to get good feedback to solve my problem. Another example was when Mr.Reed wasn’t answering questions for the class. Since Mr.Reed usually answers my burning questions on how to fix something I had to ask my classmate’s really good questions to get the good answers that Mr.Reed would have given me to that was a really cool learning experience.   


Tech Day Nov/14/2017

Technology is about solving problems.  Today I learned that technology is not only a device. Today I solved the problem of playing hockey with a robot and building a successful truss bridge out of chopsticks that would hold computers.

The first thing that I did was robotics.  I learned how to control my robot and learned how to play hockey with it.  I also learned how to reflect on how my robot did and how to improve it by adding extra pieces to have things like control and defense.  I think this helped my reflection skills because I really had to think about how to make my robot better.

The second thing I did was truss bridges with chopsticks.  We had to build a bridge that would hold computers.  I think that I had to use my thinking skills to find out how our bridge would hold it.


Thank you

ATL Skills

My ATL skills that I think the 8th and 9th graders used

Today in the canteen with Mr.Broughton and Ms, Clifford we learned a lot about the ATL skills.  A couple of weeks ago some 7th, 8th, and 9th graders made us some videos about how to be successful in middle school.  I learned a lot about organization skills and self-management.  I found this to be very helpful because I know the 7th, 8th, and 9th graders in the videos I watched have been through middle school or part of the middle school at Y.I.S. or some place else.  This makes me very confident in the information that the 7th, 8th, and 9th graders gave me.  Now that I have this information I know that I already know a lot about middle school and the skills you need and won’t have to figure out as much. After we watched we videos we left comments on the videos, which earlier we learn how to write good comments.  Finally, we reflected on the skills we think that the 7th, 8th, and 9th graders had to use in their videos.  That is what the picture is above.

Here are the videos I watched