ATL Brain Frame

For the start of our second day of tech days, Ms.Clifford & Mr.Broughton taught us about learning with blogs. The point of this activity was to teach us about the ATL skills and how to use them in a blog post. Having a blog may seem pretty fun, but sometimes using the Atl’s in our posts may not be the easiest thing. Also, we chose two videos either from grade 9, grade 8, or grade 7 that taught us about how to use our Atl skills in our journey of middle school. Next, we had to write comments to the students who we watched the video of. Then, in pairs or in groups of three to make a brain frame of all the skills that we thought went in each category(Social, Self-Management, Thinking, Communication & Research skills). I learned in these videos that ATL’s are not only used in the PYP or MYP, but throughout all of the school. Atl’s are a great way to express yourself by also developing skills beyond the writing and the speaking. But through the mind.


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