Art Unit 1 Reflection

Q1: My drawing has been improved in many ways than my first portrait ever. Before the final piece, I was was not understanding about value and gradation. I had never been in such a complex art class before. For example, on my first self portrait, my contrast was invisible because I only had one shade of value because I had never drawn a realistic face with shadows and highlights. I think that being a communicator was very important during this process because you need to be able to critique other people’s work but then also accept other people opinions. Also, the value and gradation scale helped me draw much more realistically because I learned about using blending stumps, a critical tool for making different types of value. But, I think that the Eyes-Nose-Mouth study helped us a lot because we got to practice our learning.


Q2: In my opinion, I would change the proportion and the shapes. I think that the proportion of the body parts must be very equal to the size of the face. What I mean by that is that, most of the facial features have two of each. Two nostrils, two ears, two eyes, the top of the lip and the bottom of the lip. They have to be at least similar to the other one. The second thing that I would have fixed was the shape, especially the shape of the head. I think that the shape of the face is the most important because that determines the size of all the other facial features.

Q3: In my opinion, I think that 2 words to describe me during this process would be open-minded and balanced. I choose open-minded because I need to accept other people’s critiques on my work. But also I need to be balanced because I need to also focus on different classes and study for different tests.

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