Unit 2 Art Reflection

Paragraph 1

I thought that I did very well on drawing the motifs that included my cultural influence. I think this because I accurately used rulers and measured the lines and shapes so that each part of my design would interlock. I used my creative thinking to establish the balance between the positive and negative space, which I think is really important. I think this because when you print, in my opinion, you want to have all or almost all of the same color. For example, if you decided that the ink(positive space) was going to be orange, and paper(negative space) was going to be blue, then you would want to see the equal amount of non-complementary colors because they would really “pop” with each other. I am not really proud of any solutions or ideas in this unit. Except one. I came up with a solution that helped the class and made my and their job easier. This was when we were drawing our designs on the sheets of paper, after deciding which design we wanted to use for our final print. In open studio one day, I saw a classmate drawing swirly lines and not even using a ruler. I suggested to him that instead of drawing lines, draw dots or x’s, because it really is easier to draw that way(for me). This is because I can some reason never draw straight lines, well, long straight lines. This way, I can draw shorter lines and know where to stop or turn while drawing my final motif. This gave my classmate gain confidence and using my idea, he drew a beautiful motif with straight lines. This is something that I am proud of in this unit. In my opinion, I think I could have put a bit more of both of my culture influences in my final design. I’m not just a Gabon citizen or an American born twelve year old boy. I am both. In my final design, I chose Gabon, since I thought I had more of a “connection” with it. But, just a couple day ago, I figured I was wrong, I am also an American, and to be honest, I am pretty disappointed in my decision. In the first design, I captured the flag of Gabon. The stripes representing the 3 “things” of Gabon. Yellow for peace, blue for the ocean, and green representing the beautiful rainforests of Gabon. In my second motif design, I took the cultural influence from one of the most famous monuments in the USA. The statue of liberty. Of course, I have a big connection with America, as I was born there and all my family is from there (even though some of my ancestors are Greek and Irish..don’t tell anyone). You can see the triangles from the crown of the statue of liberty, which was a gift from France for recognizing that the USA was letting in immigrants from around the world. I thought this was a good way to show my American culture. I think that I should have added some triangles to represent the statue of liberty. I know I did add some triangles, but that wasn’t to resemble the statue of liberty. I think I can improve my personal interest by making them more clear. Not as clear as if you liked Madison Bumbgardner, you would literally carve him pitching a fastball (Go Giants!). But, maybe a little more clear than a soccer interest being pentagons and hexagons. I know it is kind of supposed to be abstract and you’re not supposed to see the clear thing, but at least like to see some notification that it is something. I could have made the soccer personal interest more than 2 halves of a hexagon into full ones. This would really capture “me” as an artist and not Felix or Nene because they have their own things about them. I really, really, really, REALLY, love soccer, because I can do anything. I has a connection. A new soccer ball is a new friend. My personal interest of soccer was not shown enough in my motif final design.


Paragraph 2

Considering that this was my first ever time I have printed an interlocking design, I think that I my interlocking is pretty accurate. Also, it depends on which print I was doing. On some prints, I was very careful and made sure that all of the areas of my positive space was covered in ink. But, on some others, I just took the brayer, brushed the plate, print, done. I do not believe that this was an efficient strategy or method because maybe one print I was very careful about getting all of the positive space and the other I wasn’t, so, it wouldn’t really interlock well. Also, I think that some of my prints that did not interlock, were due to carving purposes. For example, with the two lines at the top that were supposed to interlock, turned out that the right side rectangle was 0.5 centimeters bigger than the left. I believe that my interlocking well pretty well and I think it is going to turn out great. But, I do think that the interlocking is not my best show of effort. When my prints interlock, 3 new shapes are formed. I was surprised that new shapes would form by interlocking 2 sheets of paper. Now, I will tell you the shapes that were formed and why. First, the longer rectangle. On each side of the carving, there are two lines. They are(well, supposed) to be interlocked to be one long rectangle.  I knew that this would happen because when they interlock, it shows some of my cultural influence (US flag=stripe). This happened because two smaller rectangles came together and at their intersection created one larger triangle. The second shape that was formed by interlocking was the hollow rectangle, a product of the two ends coming together to form a hollow rectangle. Last, a diamond shape was formed by the two triangle edges coming together. As I was designing this motif, I did not notice all of the shapes that would form.  Some, like the two short rectangles were obvious, but others, like the two ends that created the hollow rectangle were a happy surprise. There’s actually a funny story behind my choice of colors for my final prints.  As you may know, I am obsessed with Eurovision, an international singing competition based in Europe.  In the 2017 Eurovision, I had four favorite songs: Albania, Macedonia, Sweden, and Belgium.  I loved the songs from these countries because they had a modern pop beat but they were also powerful ballads.  Since I hadn’t already included Eurovision as one of my personal influences, I decided to give it the honor of the color plan. I used four colors from the different flags of this countries: black for Albania, orange for Macedonia, blue for Sweden, and yellow for Belgium.  These colors symbolize one of favorite personal interest, and I was happy to find a subtle way to include in my motif. I believe my color plan is a good example of unity.  There are clear patterns in my color plan, which is another good way to show unity.  The colors are complimentary, meaning they have very high contrast. Also, as noted above, there is a clear plan and reason for my color choices that brings all of my ideas and passions together. It is also simply unified.  The four corners have the same ink and paper. The top, bottom, and sides use the same ink and paper. The middle has its own unique ink color and paper. It is important for the middle to be unique and eye catching because it’s like a centerpiece.  I think bright colors or contrast from the colors around it will draw your eyes to it, just like at a gallery, people tend to focus on that piece because it “pops”with the darker colors around it.

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Art Unit 1 Reflection

Q1: My drawing has been improved in many ways than my first portrait ever. Before the final piece, I was was not understanding about value and gradation. I had never been in such a complex art class before. For example, on my first self portrait, my contrast was invisible because I only had one shade of value because I had never drawn a realistic face with shadows and highlights. I think that being a communicator was very important during this process because you need to be able to critique other people’s work but then also accept other people opinions. Also, the value and gradation scale helped me draw much more realistically because I learned about using blending stumps, a critical tool for making different types of value. But, I think that the Eyes-Nose-Mouth study helped us a lot because we got to practice our learning.


Q2: In my opinion, I would change the proportion and the shapes. I think that the proportion of the body parts must be very equal to the size of the face. What I mean by that is that, most of the facial features have two of each. Two nostrils, two ears, two eyes, the top of the lip and the bottom of the lip. They have to be at least similar to the other one. The second thing that I would have fixed was the shape, especially the shape of the head. I think that the shape of the face is the most important because that determines the size of all the other facial features.

Q3: In my opinion, I think that 2 words to describe me during this process would be open-minded and balanced. I choose open-minded because I need to accept other people’s critiques on my work. But also I need to be balanced because I need to also focus on different classes and study for different tests.

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