Tech Days

Technology is about solving problems. Most people think that technology is an i-pad or an TV. But it really isn’t. That is one way of technology, but not the main ideas. On this post of my blog, I will brainstorm what technology is and how we used it in Tech Days, which activities I used it in, and why technology is so important.

So, walking to my first activity, I really didn’t expect Stop Motion. I have used this app many times and in my opinion, it’s kind of boring, but I signed up for it and maybe I’d get a little time to sneak in some Minecraft. We were given the simple materials of a i-pad, a i-pad stand, and different colors of clay. First we brainstormed, a way of technology. Brainstorming helps us have a basic outline of what we are going to make. I thought that my group, Chae Yoon and Clara, would like to make a monster like theme, so I recommended it. The clay was not to be mixed and we were only given a limited amount of clay. Our activity runners, were very kind and helped us come up with ideas and making the clay figures. We decided to go with a farm and monster theme, because Clara and I wanted a farm theme, and Chae Yoon wanted a monster theme. So, we compromised. That’s another step and problem of technology. Compromising. Making sure that everyone is happy and that everyone can have their share in what you are making or doing.

Next, I had robotics. I was very interested in this because this was “Actual Technology” and I had been really looking forward to this activity. We had to decided our groups once we got their. This is another aspect of technology. The people. You want to be with someone that you don’t hate, but that is not you best friend, so you won’t have conflict or talk to much. But, I decided to work on my own. In my eyes, working individually is the right way to go, because you won’t have any disagreements with your other groups numbers.

Living With Laptops Reflection

Hi Peeps,

These past few couple of days were challenging. We had to set up our laptops and get a lot of stuff ready. Let’s jus explain a bit about living with laptops. First, living with laptops was a presentation and process where grade 6 started to get ready for using their laptops at home. I thought that the first activity was the most fun because the scavenger hunt was a good idea. 6M, 6E, and 6H had to solve clues on their own and work as a team. This shows the ATL skill of collaboration because we are working together in teams. I am looking forward to watching YOUTUBE on my computer but also to be able to do work at home. Now, LET’S WATCH SOME YOUTUBE!!!!


ATL Brain Frame

For the start of our second day of tech days, Ms.Clifford & Mr.Broughton taught us about learning with blogs. The point of this activity was to teach us about the ATL skills and how to use them in a blog post. Having a blog may seem pretty fun, but sometimes using the Atl’s in our posts may not be the easiest thing. Also, we chose two videos either from grade 9, grade 8, or grade 7 that taught us about how to use our Atl skills in our journey of middle school. Next, we had to write comments to the students who we watched the video of. Then, in pairs or in groups of three to make a brain frame of all the skills that we thought went in each category(Social, Self-Management, Thinking, Communication & Research skills). I learned in these videos that ATL’s are not only used in the PYP or MYP, but throughout all of the school. Atl’s are a great way to express yourself by also developing skills beyond the writing and the speaking. But through the mind.