Unit 2 Final Reflection – Print Making

For my unit 2 printmaking I have made my line really thick so that the shape of the motif will stay clear when I print. I chose the color to only be black and white to express the culture of Japan. It allows to express the japan culture because the old pictures only includes black […]

Art Unit 1 Reflection

Question – 1 My learning have helped my self – portrait by in many ways. It have helped me use new tools, such like blending stumps, 8b pencils, gradation scale and value scales. These tools have made my self portrait look more thee dimensional and more realistic. We started to ask for feed backs to […]

Tech Days

Technology is about solving problems. Today in Tech Days I learnt how take photos in various ways. One is how to take photo by not using electronic. We used paint cans and light to take photos. On the other hand we used iPads and made slow motion video. Our group used our body as our […]