What is Living With Laptops?

Living with laptops is when we get our laptops and we spend two days learning about how to use laptops safely and responsibly. During these past two days we also set up our blogs for sharing our learning and our Veracross account for getting more organised. I learnt a lot of important thing about how to treat the laptop like trying to keep the laptop on a hard surface so it doesn’t overheat. We also learned how to use the laptops responsibly by closing it when the teacher asks us to. These past two days were very fun and I learned a lot from them. I hope you know what living with laptops is now.

This is a link to a poem that I made about laptops:      https://docs.google.com/a/yis.ac.jp/presentation/d/1mXEpDCpYNOwHfDHP5WR18klXGrAMr3wNYB2NPCf04lo/edit?usp=sharing