Art Unit 1 Final Reflection Blogpost

Question 1: How did your learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistically?                                          My learning helped me draw more realistically because I learned what gradation, value, proportion, shadows and highlights. These things help my drawing be more realistic because gradation, value, shadows and highlights makes it more 3D, proportion makes the face look normal so it doesn’t have weird shape.

Question 2: What 2 things would I do differently to make my drawing even better?                                                          I would try to erase less because it made marks on my paper, another thing I would change is i would tone the paper darker because the picture is too light and I would also not smile in the photo because teeth are too hard to draw.

Question 3: Which 2 learning words best describe me as an artist during this unit?                                                         Risk-Taker – Reflective – I was a risk-taker because I added dark shadows that are hard to erase because in the picture there were very dark shadows. I was reflective because I asked other people to check if it was good and I looked at the picture and the drawing to see what I should fix.

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