Art Unit 2 Final Refelection

I think I caught up with my work well because before the break I was behind on the project so I watched the videos during the winter break so I could start printing as soon as I got to class and I finished all the printing in one class so I can finish before the project was due. For my motif there was a problem because I wanted to draw a wave that would interlock but it was really hard to draw the wave exactly the same three times so I solved that issue by cutting out a custom stencil that I used to trace the same wave shape over and over again. I think I could improve my cultural interest idea because the explanation in my sketchbook was short and kind of said the same thing in a different way a lot. I could fix that by saying why that culture influenced me. I think I could improve my personal interest idea explanation by adding more detail and examples.

The interlocking for my project was good because all the corner parts interlocked but the wave didn’t interlock even though I measured the height on both sides and I was very certain it would interlock but it didn’t, so I think that my interlocking was about 80% – 90% accurate. In the corners of my motif I drew a rectangle with three points that is diagonal so when you put them together it makes an X-like shape with three points coming out of each end. For my colors I chose blue ink on green paper and red ink on purple paper. I chose blue ink because people usually think of water as blu and I had a wave in my motif so was a blue wave when I printed it. I chose red ink because the corners of the motif are the tips of maple leafs and maple leafs are usually red. I chose green paper because it contrasts blue and I chose purple paper because it contrasts red. My color plan is unified because I put the blue-green prints in each corner of the black paper and in the middle and I put the red-purple prints in between each corner.

Art Unit 1 Final Reflection Blogpost

Question 1: How did your learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistically?                                          My learning helped me draw more realistically because I learned what gradation, value, proportion, shadows and highlights. These things help my drawing be more realistic because gradation, value, shadows and highlights makes it more 3D, proportion makes the face look normal so it doesn’t have weird shape.

Question 2: What 2 things would I do differently to make my drawing even better?                                                          I would try to erase less because it made marks on my paper, another thing I would change is i would tone the paper darker because the picture is too light and I would also not smile in the photo because teeth are too hard to draw.

Question 3: Which 2 learning words best describe me as an artist during this unit?                                                         Risk-Taker – Reflective – I was a risk-taker because I added dark shadows that are hard to erase because in the picture there were very dark shadows. I was reflective because I asked other people to check if it was good and I looked at the picture and the drawing to see what I should fix.