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My slideshow for grade 6 Drama


Art Unit 2, Final Reflection

This Art unit we have been working on recognizing negative and positive space, what a relief print is, how to make a motif, creating unity, and learning about symbols. I made a relief print plate as well! What I think I… Continue Reading →

Art Unit 1 Reflection

My learning helped me create my final 3-dimensional self-portrait by using highlights shadows, and graduation skills with a blending stump. I also used my analyzing and reflecting skills to make sure everything was the right proportion, value and that there were… Continue Reading →

Early human

We made an awesome documentary on an early human. My teammates were Kae, Kohki, Taiyo and me. We worked really hard and tried our best! In the end, we got a good grade and were really proud of it! here is… Continue Reading →


We read a book about a boy with a disability and we talked and reflected on it. We talked about how it felt and what each word means. After this, we all created a story of a scene with a view of… Continue Reading →


We are doing a unit on armor ball. We make some awesome armor than battle in a dodgeball tournament! it sounds fun and easy but it is not. you have to think about how you can impress the crowd! what theme and… Continue Reading →


we worked on different types of Ciphers such as: simple cipher knapsack pigpen morse code caesar shift zigzag My favorite was zigzag because it was unique and challenging.  the one I should work on is morse code (all though it’s… Continue Reading →

Number Strategy

We learned strategies to get the answer to a problem. My favorite strategy is working backward. This way you understand the steps well and can think clearly. I want to work on graphing it because a lot of times my graphs get… Continue Reading →

Number Thoery

In math, we have learned about prime numbers, exponents, B.E.D.M.A.S, and factors. Prime numbers are numbers that can only be timed by itself or number one. Exponents are things that are shown in an easier way. 2 to the power of 3 is 8… Continue Reading →

Who am I ???

Hello, viewers! My name is Phebe but my nickname is Phebster! I am a student at YIS and I am in 6th grade. My hobbies are dancing, designing and playing with my dog Zen! My favorite subjects are design and English! I love other… Continue Reading →

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