We read a book about a boy with a disability and we talked and reflected on it. We talked about how it felt and what each word means. After this, we all created a story of a scene with a view of a disabled person. I chose ASD. Here is my story:


“Wakey! Wakey! Rise and shine!” mommy cheerfully wakes me and my siblings up. I grab my stuff and then hop out of our car. Me and my family except for daddy who’s at work squish in front of the door. I start moving my hand toward the bell but then I freeze. “Mommy will there be spiders? Do they have pumpkin? I hate pumpkins!” I ask in horror. She smiles and says no. she presses the bell and the door swings open with my happy beautiful aunt. “ Welcome! Estoy muy contenta de veros!” My Spanish aunt greets us and lets us in. All my siblings rush in to find their favorite cousins. I hate talking with people who I don’t see everyday. I quickly find a nice corner to do my word cross in when suddenly mommy grabs my arm and drags me to the kids table. I freak out! I scream, kick and punch but she sits me down. I start tugging mommy but she won’t let me go back. I quickly hide my face and start to calm down. All the kids stare at me. I turn around to see where mom is but then I tumble off my chair! I start crawling over to mom with burning eyes and snot all over my nose. She picks me up sweetly and whispers into my ear “ don’t let them get to you! Prove to them your cool too!” she says with a smile. I sit down and they start whispering then they stare again. “ What the heck is wrong with you? Aren’t you in like middle school or something?” a boy asks pointing at my face. “ shut up you idiot! She’s disabled!” says his sister nudging him in the arm. “ how is she disabled? She didn’t lose an arm or anything!” he answers puzzledly. His sister twirls her pointing finger next to her head. “Ohh she’s like crazy? It’s like an invisible disability thing?” I think there my 4th cousins but one thing for sure is that I’m confused with the word “Disabled”. What does disabled mean? I’ve heard it before and they try to explain but it only sound like a cool transformer name or something. Aliza storms over with her eyes boiling red. “ shut up you guys! She may behave different but she’s not deaf!” she barks a little too loudly. She sits down. “Hey kiddos! Everything okay? Getting to know each other? Well anyways here are some puzzles to work on! Keep the noise level down okay.sí?” says my uncle handing out booklets. After he leaves the kids start whispering to my sister about my “crazy disability” or whatever. “Keep it down so she can’t hear ok? She has this thing called ASD which stands for Autism spectrum disorder. It causes her to have a hard time to stay on topic and socialise. She doesn’t have much awareness. ASD also comes with things like SCD which stands for social communication disorder. She has a hard time taking turns to talk and listening mentally. She’s no different just acts a bit different.” my sister whispers. Well I can hear perfectly fine now! “ I don’t understand!  how is this caused” asks my 7 year old cousin with his big round eyes. “Well it’s hard to understand but… my mom and dad both carry the recessive gene with fragile x chromosome. The chromosome has a gap in it. Its different from the normal X chromosomes. Me and Jake carry it too but Josh doesn’t. That means Josh’s kids don’t have a chance unless his wife carries it too. As it turns out Miley was affected while me and Jake just carry it and are unaffected. Its likely for her kids to be affected. Miley doesn’t only have ASD and SCD, she also has fragile X syndrome which is the biggest cause of her traits of autism. See how her head looks a bit different from ours?” she asks. They look at me as if I’m on display in a science museum or something. they then look at her. “ fragile X syndrome caused it. All  kids with autism have there own medical puzzle though. Be nice okay because it can be hard for her.” she says. “ okay!” the kids answer. My eyes burn. What is she talking about. I can’t understand and what does disabled mean? We all start working on our puzzles when I notice they are struggling. I already finished my puzzle 30 min ago when they were talking about me being “Disabled” and it was super easy. “Um… hi my name Jasper. Do you mind helping me with this puzzle. Your really good at it!” I stare at Jasper. He’s twiddling his thumbs. “ do you like army crawling?” I ask. He looks surprised but then a smile stretches across his face. “ it’s on!” he answers. We drop to the ground and race toward the parents table. Were crawling like crazy. I beat him by 3 seconds. He laughs and rolls over onto his back. He smiles at me and says “ I’m crazy too!” I start cracking up. I think I made my 2nd best friend.

I may be different and I may not understand some things but, to you I’m a puzzle that’s impossible to solve but I love puzzles!