Today (November 14th), we learned about why and how we use technology. We each got a schedule of classes to go to and what to do there. First, 6th and 5th all went to the auditorium to enter a challenge. The challenge was to try to get our paper airplane to go the farthest. Reiya (my awesome 5th-grade partner) and I (in 6th grade) tried making a paper airplane out of hard paper and regular paper.  We didn’t win but I still had a lot of fun. next, I went to room P104 to do Robotics. We upgraded its’s structure and battled in a game of hockey with our robot, nicknamed as Suzan. we won twice and were so proud. My partner was Kyoka. She was super fun to be with. We worked hard and ate our prize, which was 2 gummy bear packets. This was my favorite activity. My last class was stop motion and I made an awesome stop motion! I wrote the story and was the photographer while Maite (my creative partner) was the sculptor. We created an awesome movie.

At the end of the day, I learned that we use technology to solve problems and get better outcomes. I think it was a very successful day! Thank you, teachers!

P.S: Miss you Suzan!