My learning helped me create my final 3-dimensional self-portrait by using highlights shadows, and graduation skills with a blending stump. I also used my analyzing and reflecting skills to make sure everything was the right proportion, value and that there were no cartoony lines. You can see my improvement through my first self-portrait compared to the second (final) self-portrait. In the first portrait, I had very little value so it looked like I was a flat white pancake and also I had zero shadows and graduation. My eyes had no shadows or highlights and were way too big. My face had no shadows either so you could not nowhere the light source was coming from and also the proportion was wrong as well. My nose was only outlines and no shadows or highlights and also was the wrong proportion. This made my face look very 2 dimensional. On the other hand, my 2nd (final) portrait looks very dimensional because I used a lot of value, highlights, shadows, gradation, contrast and had the right proportion. My eyes are even and well shaded and high lighted. they also have lots of detail and look very realistic. my nose has lots of value and contrast. it well shaded and highlighted. The size and place are also very similar to a real nose. My face has lots of value and shadows and highlights. It’s the right shape and value. it’s easy to tell that the light source is coming from the upper right. My mouth hair and eyebrows aren’t their yet but I am planning to do easy nice strokes for the hair like I learned in the tutorial videos and to also use lots of high light and shadows to show which way the light source is coming from and to make it look more 3 dimensional. My mouth is going to have lots of value and have the right proportion. it’s going to have high lights to show where it’s more glossy and where it’s drier.

If I could draw the 2nd (final) self-portrait again I would use my knowledge from the mistakes I have made while drawing to improve how it looks. the biggest mistake or problem I can across was the left eye. I thought I would be okay by just practicing the right eye before starting the but actually drawing the left eye is so much more different than the right eye. In the end, I constantly making the left eye the wrong shape, size, value, and graduation. I had to keep erasing over and over again and it starts tearing the paper. As you can see in my self-portrait my left as is very dark and rough because of this problem. The second thing I would change or learn from is to erase lightly and draw lightly. By erasing hard it tears the little threads of paper and makes it harder to draw again because of the rough surface. Also by pressing hard on your pencil when your drawing it becomes harder to erase. That is another reason why my left eye looks dark, has the wrong proportion and is rough.

The two learning words that describe me best as an artist during this unit is inquiring and reflective. The first word, inquiring, describes me best as an artist during this unit because I was very excited to learn and push my knowledge. Some examples of this are when I didn’t understand or know how to draw something I would research it on the internet or ask for feedback from my peers. If that didn’t work I would try different things. one example of this is when I had trouble shaping and making the right eye look realistic so I looked at the tutorials on the art wiki to find out how to draw it. The only problem was my eye shape is a bit different from the tutorials because of my Asian ethnicity so I had to try out different shapes that were closest to my eye shape. I kept trying over and over again till I found the right size and shape. This leads to reflective skill. I was constantly reflecting to see if I could improve my portraits in any way and how to do it. 1 example of me doing this is when I finished high lighting I placed it side by side next to the photo and compared the values, proportion, highlights, shadows, and graduation. this way I knew what was missing or needed blending. Also, I made sure to get my peers feedback as well because it is better to have more perspectives than just yours. The thing I learned about myself is that all I need to do is put a pair of noise-canceling headphones or earphones and I can focus really hard. I also learned that if I work hard and not worry too much about my grades and focusing on learning and understanding the topic, my grades will naturally be good because I understand so I need to really focus on understanding and learning. Learning is more important than grades.