This Art unit we have been working on recognizing negative and positive space, what a relief print is, how to make a motif, creating unity, and learning about symbols. I made a relief print plate as well! What I think I did well when making the relief print design and plate is on challenging myself with new ideas and obstacles that I had to overcome. One of the hardest obstacles I had to overcome was measuring the stars in the corners and making sure they interlock. Also, the patterns on the side were hard to keep track of which one goes which way because it kept confusing my brain. It was kind of like an illusion. One obstacle I am proud of overcoming is when I had to think of how I could get the stars to interlock perfectly, I came up with the best solution to solve this problem which was to measure the length and width so it would aline with each other. The only risk was that I didn’t want a certain part of the star to have the wrong proportion or else the star would look wonky. One problem that I have with my cultural influence idea is that  I think that my culturally influenced patterns aren’t that obvious about its influence and one example of this is the triangle pattern of the Native North American’s. It does not stand out or look like it resembles something because it just looks like a star. To improve this Next time I want to really strongly represent its cultural influence by showing the smaller details and using more resemblance of the culture.


When my motif is printed I think that’s it’s going to interlock pretty well except I think the star is not going to line perfectly and that some of the proportions of the star will look too big or small because of some of the measurement may not be 100 percent accurate. I think that the sides all connect perfectly and look great though! One cool thing I found out after I completed my pattern is that the pattern on the top and bottom made a cool wave pattern which I thought was super cool and it really enhanced my motif. I chose purple, blue, pink, and white. I chose these colors because these colors represent the galaxy for me and my personal interests in science and astronomy. I want to put them in a certain order from purple, blue, pink then back to purple so it will have a nice gradation. the graduation cycle will be on the outside of the pattern and in the middle, I will have white to catch the audience members attention. In conclusion it has been a hard process but I have gained a lot of knowledge about the art of relief printing.