we worked on different types of Ciphers such as:

  • simple cipher
  • knapsack
  • pigpen
  • morse code
  • caesar shift
  • zigzag

My favorite was zigzag because it was unique and challenging.  the one I should work on is morse code (all though it’s very hard). these codes are made to protect important information. give it a go!


Number Strategy

We learned strategies to get the answer to a problem. My favorite strategy is working backward. his way you understand the steps well and can think clearly. I want to work on graphing it because a lot of times my graphs get messy. what do you want to work on out of these?

  • act it out
  • work backwards
  • elimination
  • graphing
  • look for the pattern
  • trial and error
  • draw a diagram


Number Thoery

In math, we have learned about prime numbers, exponents, B.E.D.M.A.S, and factors. Prime numbers are numbers that can only be timed by itself or number one. Exponents are things that are shown in an easier way. 2 to the power of 3 is 8 because if you times 2x2x2 it equals 8. B.E.D.M.A.S stands for brackets, exponents, divide, multiply, addition and subtraction. You can use this for an order of operation. factors are what a number is made of. I am pretty good at factors but might need to work on finding prime numbers. I can do this by practicing. you can practice too!