Monthly Archives: October 2017

Art Unit 1 Reflection

  1. My learning has helped me to improve my drawing and develop my skills. Before this unit, I would never even have thought about using a blending stump or different values. Before, I used correct size, shape and place. Now, I have learned to use different values to make my drawings more realistic. I have learned to use light and dark shading and use a blending stump to make my shadows flow. I have also learned to ask others for their opinions and advice. I understand now that it actually helps to make my portrait more realistic.
  2. If I could draw my picture again a\nd make it even better, I would take a little bit more time to do the highlights and shadows to make my drawing look more realistic. Especially the eyes. I think that I need to practice drawing eyes more and I also need to spend more time on them. I would use some of my time to really take a look at my photo and think about what to do to make the drawing look more like the photo. I also think that I should ask others for advice more. It would help me to understand many points of view and different ideas.
  3. If I could use two learning words to describe me during this unit, one of them would be open-minded. I was open-minded because I had to be to listen to others’ ideas and not become frustrated with them, myself or my work. I was also reflective because I had to think about the work that I had done and reflect to improve it. I was not creative though, because mostly, I was copying photos and videos.