Unit 2 Final Reflection

Paragraph 1 Criterion D – Strengths and Weaknesses

Overall, I am proud of my work. I think that I did pretty well with things that I have never done before. For example, I have never carved a motif before but I didn’t make too many mistakes. I have also never printed with ink before. The first few times, I made quite a few mistakes, but later on, I carved out some of the parts that get ink on them and got faster at printing. I had a creative thinking idea that I am proud of. For my cultural influence idea, I didn’t know where to put a cross. I then thought of an idea. I decided to make a border. The border means that the lines overlap and make crosses. The fact that the lines overlap also means that my pattern has many squares and rectangles. My personal influence idea is nature because I feel like we are a part of nature and I really like it. I originally wanted to have a bird’s head in each corner but, to me, that looked a little bit strange. I thought that maybe I should only use part of the bird’s head. For example, the beak. I decided to use the beak so, I put one in each corner of the border. Now, only I know what the triangles in each corner symbolise. To others, they are just a nice decoration.My cultural influence idea is that I am christian. I chose to use a star and a cross because they symbolise christianity. The star was an important part of that so I put in in the middle. The cross was also important so I used it as a border. The border was a good idea in my opinion because it fits, it looks nice and I can add the triangles in the corners.

Paragraph 2 Criterion C – I think that my motif interlocks almost perfectly. The only parts where they don’t interlock were because of printing and glueing mistakes. I designed it so that when the border of each motif interlocks, they make squares and rectangles the the stars and triangles inside of them. My colour plan is unified because I planned for the motifs in the corners to be one colour, the middle one another and the rest another. I chose light, soft colours because they make me calm and happy. For the four motifs in the corners, I chose to use blue paper and pink ink. For another four, it’s the other way round, pink paper and blue ink. For the last one in the middle, I chose to use blue paper and yellow ink.

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