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Tech Days

Technology is about solving problems. Today, I had to solve some problems.

The first activity that I did today was bridge-making. The goal was to make a bridge that could hold many broken laptops. I had to find a way to use chopsticks to make a strong bridge. I didn’t know how to do that yet, so we did some research. After researching, we sketched designs and figured out the exact number of chopsticks that we would use. That was a problem. We found out how many we would need for the width, length and height. After that, we got to the building part. That was hard. We manage to do that by working together and changing parts where it was unstable. Then we tested them. There were ten broken laptops and our bridge could hold all of them! We had managed to solve the problems and our bridge was a success!

The other activity that we did was Remix/Mashup. We had to find someone else’s art and then, we had to change it and make it our own. My goal was to find, edit and present art. The first step was difficult for me. I couldn’t decide on what to do and what to use. I spend a while trying to decide until someone suggested an idea for me. Then, I knew exactly what I was going to do. I saw a picture of a cat. I copied the cat, but made out of pieces of newspaper. I then cut it out, made a background for it and stuck it on. I had found a way to find, edit and present art in a way that people would like and that I could call my own.

Today, I have solved many problems.. I have also learned to be open-minded and work with others.

Art Unit 1 Reflection

  1. My learning has helped me to improve my drawing and develop my skills. Before this unit, I would never even have thought about using a blending stump or different values. Before, I used correct size, shape and place. Now, I have learned to use different values to make my drawings more realistic. I have learned to use light and dark shading and use a blending stump to make my shadows flow. I have also learned to ask others for their opinions and advice. I understand now that it actually helps to make my portrait more realistic.
  2. If I could draw my picture again a\nd make it even better, I would take a little bit more time to do the highlights and shadows to make my drawing look more realistic. Especially the eyes. I think that I need to practice drawing eyes more and I also need to spend more time on them. I would use some of my time to really take a look at my photo and think about what to do to make the drawing look more like the photo. I also think that I should ask others for advice more. It would help me to understand many points of view and different ideas.
  3. If I could use two learning words to describe me during this unit, one of them would be open-minded. I was open-minded because I had to be to listen to others’ ideas and not become frustrated with them, myself or my work. I was also reflective because I had to think about the work that I had done and reflect to improve it. I was not creative though, because mostly, I was copying photos and videos.

Living With Laptops

Living with laptops is what we call the past two days. Basically, we learned about how to use our laptops and what to do with them. First, we had fun by solving riddles to get the keys to open the place where our laptops were. While doing that, we were also learning about our computers. After that we went to different places to learn about them. The second day, we learnt less about how to use our laptops but more about how to be balanced while using them. We had a PE lesson and learnt about the effects of using laptops for too long and what we can do to prevent anything bad happening. We had fun while learning a lot about computers.



My name is Rachel and I Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 8.34.31 AMam eleven years old. I am from England but now I live in Yokohama. My favorite subjects are Maths, Art, Design and Reading. I have a lot of friends and I like school. I have a little brother and I love him so much. I love my family.