Art Unit Two Final Reflection

Paragraph 1

My projects strengths are creativity, interlocking and Balanced. My motif is creative because I used creative thinking while creating the design by changing the details on the volleyball’s to make them Bubble’s and now it can also represent football’s which is another one of my favourite sports. The part of my motif that is interlocking is the volleyball net at the top and bottom of the motif that when it’s printed it will make a full volleyball net. The other part that is interlocking is the bubble’s on the side there is a half bubble on both sides that when printed will connect to make one bubble. My motif is balanced because I made sure that the positive and negative space was as balanced as possible. My project’s weaknesses are my cultural influence. I think I could improve on the cultural influence because I think it is too simple and could be more complicated for example I could balance it out a bit more and add a bit more negative space to make it look better.


Paragraph 2

I think my interlocking is very accurate because while making my design I made sure to measure so that the interlocking shapes would interlock properly. When creating my design I made sure that it would interlock to create a pattern I wanted it to interlock because looking at people’s motifs from previous years I liked the ones that interlocked more than the ones that didn’t. I also decided to make the interlocking aspect a volleyball net because it is an original way to incorporate my personal interest. The colours I chose are blue and yellow I chose these colours to represent a volleyball because volleyballs are usually blue and yellow so I thought it was a good way to incorporate my personal interest in an abstract way. My colour chose is unified because I wanted my pattern to be organised and not all over the place I also thought it would be cool if I switched the colours of the paper and ink. I also thought it looked better having unity because it is easy to look at and understand but if my colours were un unified it would be hard to focus on the art and understand the art.


Art Unit One Reflection

Paragraph 1

My learning has improved my drawing skills by adding shadows and highlights to make my drawing look three-dimensional and realistic. Because if you look at something three-dimensional it has many different values such as highlights and shadows. When creating my drawing I learnt how to use different values and a blending stump. In order to make my drawing look realistic before we started the final drawing, we made a gradation scale. To practice using different values. We also did the eyes, nose, mouth study to practice the shape and details of the eyes, nose and mouth. Before we began the final drawing. While doing the eyes, nose, mouth study I learnt that instead of the lines on the facial features being dark lines you actually have to shade the lines. In order to make it look real. We also learnt about proportion when drawing my first drawing. The eyes were out of proportion so it was unrealistic because  the eyes were too big. And the nose and mouth where very small so the eyes looked out of place and the drawing looked like a cartoon. So when making the final drawing I had to make sure everything was in proportion. I also used the compare the values paper to see whether my shadows were dark enough.

Paragraph 2

If I did my drawing again the two things I would change about my drawing to improve the drawing is the hair. I feel like I could improve the hair a lot to make it realistic by adding many different values to make it look three-dimensional. This is important because I want my drawing to look as realistic as possible because everything else on my portrait is realistic apart from my hair.  I will also separate the hairs more to make it look realistic. The second thing I would like to improve is making my shadows darker. Because when I am making my shadows I always make them too light and even when I use the compare the value paper. I still find that it is too light because I don’t want to make them too dark. So going lighter is better but I find it difficult to get the proper balance. I also found it hard to get the correct shape of the shadow. Because the shadows are such abstract shapes they are so hard to replicate them properly. I feel if I worked on these details more my portrait would look better and more realistic.

Paragraph 3

I believe that I have been all of these learner words during this unit. But the two words that describe me the best as an artist during this unit are confident and enthusiastic. I chose these two because I believe that during this unit I was confident in my work and I was enthusiastic about learning and drawing. The reason I chose confident to describe me is that at the start of this unit I wasn’t confident in my drawing skills. But as we got further into the unit  I have become more and more confident in my drawings and artistic techniques. The reason I chose enthusiastic to describe me is that during the unit I always have a positive attitude towards my work. I have also always given everything a try and instead of saying I cannot do something. I try it and if it doesn’t work the first time I don’t just give up I keep going.I have also been a risk-taker throughout the unit. I have tried new techniques that I had never used in my drawings before. I also have used different tools in order to do these techniques. Such as a blending stump to make shadows I have also used the compare the value paper to help me see if my shadows or highlights are the correct values.


Tech Days

We use technology to solve problems today I learnt how to combine two different ideas to create something new. During remix mashup, I combined words from a book and a pack of cards. I made a book of quotes I cut out the words I wanted and made a quote and then. I stuck it on to a card and put it in a notebook. I think it could’ve been better if I had more time but it still looked really nice and came out amazing.

During bridge making, I learnt how to make a bridge that could hold the weight of a laptop. Unfortunately, my group’s bridge couldn’t hold any laptops. I did learn how I could Improve my design by putting more glue to hold it up and adding more layers. Although I think the design was really good because we started off with doing a criss-cross on the base and then making a line out of the chopsticks.

ATL Skills


My ATL skills brainstorm

I have learned that the ATL skills are used almost every day by the students at YIS.The videos have taught me more about how I can use the ATL skills through out middle school and how I can use them to become a better person.