Technology is about solving problems. Not only devices, like phones and laptops.

The tech day activity that I enjoyed the most was making a bridge with 100 chopsticks and a glue gun with 5 glue sticks max. Our goal was to make a bridge with chopsticks, place it between and put laptops on the tops. The hard part was making sure our bridge was strong and stable. Between my team we used team work the most because we had to make sure we didn’t use too much glue nor chopsticks and always keep an eye at the clock. My group only handled 1 laptop on top of the bridge. The process of this was research, then design, then build, and after that test it. I really enjoyed this experience!


Another tech day activity that I did today was making 3D paper figures. The process of the paper craft was choosing the design or figure that you like, then print it, after that cut out the paper, and finally glue it. I found glueing and putting the figure complicated. It was fun to see how all the paper figures came out.