In this unit, I learned how to use different values. In order to create my values, I used a blending a stump to create gradation in my highlights and shadows. Learning how to create highlights and shadows has helped my drawing become more realistic and three-dimensional. In my Class 1 self-portrait, there are no shadows nor highlights which caused my self-portrait to look two dimensional. Having good communication skills really helped me in this unit. For example, to make my drawing look realistic, I asked my peers for feedback and, my peers explained and helped me improve in specific areas. For example, I asked my classmates for feedback on proportion, shape, and place. I collaborated as I was able to give and receive feedback as well as ask questions. I helped my peers problem solve. For example, when they had a problem like their paper was ripping because of the blending stump, I helped them by telling them that they could use a tissue instead. In this unit I also learned how to use a compare the values paper, to make my shadows look as dark as shown in my photo. We learned new vocabulary to help us with our drawing like value, contrast, proportion, gradation, representational, and interpretation. Learning and understanding what these words meant helped me improve my self-portrait. Before we started drawing our eyes, nose and mouth, we practiced drawing them while watching tutorials. I have improved on using good proportion when drawing my eyes, nose, and mouth. I also think that I improved on not having dark lines, although I do think that I could still improve on not having any dark lines.


If I had to draw my self portrait again, I would improve on two things that I think I could do better next time. For example, I would stay more focused during class. I think that at the beginning of this unit I wouldn’t stay focused. But by the end of the unit I improved on staying focused and concentrated. When I stay focused I can think and work better. My goal is to be more organized with my time as my self-management skills could have improved. Because in class I think that I spent lots of time not working on my self portrait. I think that if I had another chance to draw my self portrait again, my goal would be to stay focused throughout the whole unit. The other thing that I would improve on is using a greater range of values. I would use a greater range of values because it would help my self portrait because it would make it more realistic.  Adding a range of values creates a contrast of shades and highlights. I learned in this unit that having different values creates more detail in my self portrait.


During this unit, the two learning words that best described me best as an artist would be communicator and showing commitment. Being a good communicator is something that I have discovered in this unit because I had to use my communication skills in order to improve my self-portrait. For example, when I wasn’t sure if I was done adding shadows to my self-portrait to make it more three-dimensional, I asked some of my classmates and my teacher if I could move on to the next step. I did this because I received feedback from different perspectives and opinions from different people. During this unit, I think that using my communication skills helped me as an artist. Commitment is something that we all need to have when working on a project. In this unit, I showed commitment and dedication by going to open studio in the mornings. I think that I got lots of work done in open studio.