What I think that I did really well for making my final motif was drawing and planning my motif while adding my personal interest and cultural influence and also having balanced negative space. I think that I did this well because I made my design complex. For example, my design is complex because it has an overlapping effect. I think that I did well at having balanced negative space because it helps show my positive space. The negative space also helps bring balance to a composition. I think that my negative and positive space is balanced, and my patterns are easy to visualize. In order to improve my Cultural Influence, next time I would use my cultural pattern which are the wavy lines and use them to make the overlapping effect. Since I used straight lines to overlap, instead I would use the wavy lines which represent my cultural influence.¬† In order to improve my Personal Interest I would make the lines of the triangles to be wavy. I would do this because the diamond shape on a basketball net, doesn’t have straight perfect lines instead it has wavy lines when someone shoots. For example if you look at a basketball net while someone is shooting the ball, you will notice that the diamond shape, moves and has wavy lines. I would also do this because it would make my motif more complex. This because carving wavy lines is more of a challenge than carving straight lines. Another thing that I would do next time to make my final motif a better one, would be to use #9, to help me think creatively. I would use this to create 3 different motifs that I really like. Then I would take some of the ideas from each of them and put all those different ideas into one final motif. I would do this to make my motif more creative, complex, and to help me solve problems.

I think that my motif interlocks quite accurately. I think this because when I was creating my motif I used a ruler to make sure that the design interlocks from each side and I also measured the sides to make sure that my design was centered on all sides. During this process, when I was drawing my motif it wouldn’t alway interlock, but I would double check it until it did interlock. Although, my motif has many different parts to interlock, so it might not interlock perfectly from all sides. My interlocking creates my personal interest. I split my personal interest in half, and added half of the pattern at the top and the other half at the bottom. I did this so my personal interest would interlock differently. For my color unity, I decided to use¬†black, white, and prussian blue. I think that when I will print my final motif, these colors will really complement each other. I decided to use white because it symbolizes the color of the basketball net which is my personal interest design. All my life, I have had a passion for basketball and the color white has always reminded me of basketball (the net). I decided to use prussian blue because it reminds me of my uncle’s eye color. I love his eye color because they are unique and so I decided to use this color. Not only that, but my uncle plays a role like no other and always puts a smile on my face. I chose black, as it is the color of my first magic hat that I owned when I was younger. The hat inspired me to believe in magic. More specifically, that I would make an impact in the world. My design is polychromatic and the color plan is unified. I like these colors because they are bold and strong colors.