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Tech Day! 11/14/17

on November 14, 2017

Technolgy is used to solve problems. Today was tech day! Tech day is when we do 2 activities for the whole entire day. (Not including break time or lunchtime.) 5th and 6th graders worked together the whole entire day, as well. In the morning we had an assembly and we were given a challenge, which doesn’t count as an activity.

At the morning assembly, the challenge was to try to make a paper airplane that would fly the farthest out of all the teams. The teams were made out of 2 people, my partner/teammate was Amy, from 5th grade. We were given 4 materials, tape, A4 paper, cardstock and 1 yen coins. You did not have to use all the materials. Amy found a website to make an easy and far flying airplane. Then we taped some 1 yen coins to the plane for fun. Even though our plane did not go the farthest we had a lot of fun working together.

The first activity I did was paper crafts. We all worked individually but talked while we were working. We went to the website,, to print out templates that we cut out and folded. I made 2 characters, Octobear and Puppycat. This was a really fun activity and our 9th-grade teachers/advisors were really nice. This activity was really calm and enjoyable.

My last activity was pin-hole photography. This activity was really awesome. We took photos with paint-cans and had to develop them with really bad smelling chemicals. We had to develop them in really a dark room, or else it wouldn’t work because of the special paint paper that was light-activated. We got to develop 2 pictures! My first one was much more clear than the second one, all of the images were in black and white.

I really enjoyed Tech Day this year and I am looking forward to doing it next year!


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