Reflection Unit 2

I think I did well in the where we started making a final motif because I hade many ideas and at the end, I was so creative and measured my motif so that it will interlock. I solved a problem in the final motif because of the beginning final motif I had to measure a part of the motif but if I did not measure then my grades will be really low grades.

I could improve myself by adding more things to my motif. I can improve my cultral influence by finding more detailed pictures or adding more cultral influence to my motif.

I think my interlock is highly accurate because if we interlock the quarter cicle it makes a Japanese flag and make a cool cultral influence. by adding the quarter cicle it will make a pattern and japanese flag.

Mr.Reed I have not chosen my color unity.

Art Unit 1 Reflection


Q1: How did your learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistically?

My learning has helped me draw with different varieties of tools, use the blending stump and tissue to blend to make a darker color. I also learned that gradation have shadows and highlights on your self-portrait to make it look 3-D and realistic. I also asked my peers for evaluation my drawing, when I evaluate my peers drawing I always look for shape, size, and place.  At the same time when also defined words that related and help us get better in our self-portraits, some words were proportion, interpretation, contrast, and value. In the open studio, I have focused and asked other class to evaluated my drawing. the suggestion that my classmate said and what the other class people suggest were different. These suggestions have to lead me to a better self- portrait. Another thing that I have learned was before the self-portrait was the eye nose mouth drawing this lead me to a better nose mouth eyes.

Q2: What 2 things would you do differently to make your drawing even better?

If I had another chance it would be to do the thing that I have failed to do like the nose. Another way to make my drawing better is to focus more on my shadows and highlight levels. This can make my drawing more 3-D. I can improve by going to open studio often or use the compare the values tool more often to see the difference. the open studio will create more time to make my drawing more realistic and improve my drawing, by doing both going to going to the open studio and using the compare the values often I would make my drawing better and more realistic.

Q3 Choose 2 words and why does it describe you?

Curiosity: I was curious because this was the first unit in the art as a middle schooler. I would like to still stay as curious in many subjects this makes me a lear and listen to the teachers to get good grades. Another good thing about being curious is that you learn and realize new things.


Thinker: I think I was a thinker because I ask many questions to Mr.Reed to see that I am correct and have the right size, shape, place also I asked my classmates to evaluate my drawings look 3-D and realistic. This also gives me better grade and better grades for the person that I asked.

Tech Days

Technology is all about solving problems. Today I solved how to Mash up music and make it smooth and also how to make robot play hockey.

In remixing class I choose to remix music and to make it sound cool and smooth. We succeeded to making the music sound cool but the video was not really smooth. Next time I would like to make the music smooth. Also adding more music to make the music video sound cool.

After remix class I had robotics class it was making the a robot and playing a hockey game. The rule was to score the ball in to the goal and there was no fouls. The score was all win. Next time I would want to lose any parts of my robots