Unit 1 Final Reflection Blogpost

My learning has helped me draw more realistically. My learning helped me because when we were drawing eyes, nose, mouth, we learned how to draw shadows and highlights. The shadows helped my drawing look more 3 dimensional and the highlights stood out also making the self-portrait more realistic. While we were drawing our eyes, nose, mouth, I also learned the correct size, shape, and placement of where the eyes nose mouth should be. The tools (shading stick) also helped me because if I did not have the shading stick then I would have not been able to create different textures on the drawing.

If I were to draw my self-portrait again, I would have worked harder on my time management skills because I was not able to turn my self-portrait on time. to do that I think that I need to open studio more, and would have tried to set more goals in class. I would have also change the way my hair is drawn, and would add more lines (hair strands) because I don’t think I added enough. The reason I think that I did not add enough hair strands is because, there were some spots that only had a few hair strands and since I did not add enough hair, it did not look extremely 3 dimensional.

The 2 best words that describe me the most is… Independence, and reflective. I chose the word independence because I worked very hard by myself,  and was very concentrated during hard. I tried my best to not get distracted by my classmates, and I think that I stayed on track most of the times. Next, I chose the word reflective. I chose reflective because during class I thought that I was very reflective after I completed a section of my self-portrait I would compare my picture with my self-portrait and reflect on what I did correct and what I did wrong. After class, I would also reflect on if I was concentrated and got my work done or not.


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