April 20

Art Unit 1 Reflection

How did your learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistically?

We started drawing realistic pictures by using a blending stump, a light pencil, and a dark pencil. For example, we first drew the value scale on our sketch book. Then we used gradation scale to make it even more realistic on our self-portraits. And then we combined value scale and gradation scale to make our realistic eyes nose and mouth. We practiced a lot on different kinds of dark colors and light colors in our sketchbook. We used and learned what values are good and bad. We also learned vocabulary such as values, contrast, proportion, gradation, representational and interpretation. We needed to use different types of skills such as finding the line or finding the perfect shape, place, and size. Mr. Reed said that if we use these types of skills, our self-portraits will be realistic and three-dimensional.

What 2 things would you do differently to make your drawing even better?

The first thing that I would do differently to make my drawing better is to problem solve different types of gradation or values to make my self-portrait more realistic and three-dimensional. This is one thing that I should improve on because It won’t be realistic if I only added too many dark colors and too many light colors, it won’t be realistic and three-dimensional. The second thing that I would do differently to make my drawing better is to go to open studio. If I go to open studio I will be able to be on task and make my self-portraits better. I will use these improvements next time so I will be on task and make my self-portraits better.

What 2 learning words best describe you as an artist during this unit? Why do these 2 words describe what you have discovered about yourself?

If I had to pick 2 learning words that best describe me as an artist during this unit, I would choose thinker and independent. In my opinion, thinker would best describe me because I like to think of what the problem is and I think of a solution to make my self-portrait better. Also, I think I am independent and I think it also describes me the most because I work independently and quietly. Next time I think I should ask people for advice so I can fix my mistakes.





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