May 30

Unit 2 Reflection

I think I did very well on measuring and drawing shapes and lines correctly. I also did very well in designing the motifs and figuring where the negative spaces go into. When I am designing the 1 motif sketch, I used my favorite cultural influence, creative thinking, and personal interest. This helped me because I can think of reasons why I chose those designs. I need to improve more on the shape of cultural influence because I am only drawing circles and squares. For example, I can use wobbly shapes, stars, diamond shape to make it even more interesting. I think I should improve the shape of the diamond in my personal interest because it will be difficult to carve and printing it in the paper.

I think my interlocking is good because I matched all of them in the exact measurement and making it balanced so it will interlock. When it was interlocking, it made a new shape that I have never seen before. I also made a wonderful pattern. I chose purple, blue, and red because of it symbolizes the color of mixing colors together. blue+red = purple. My colors have a pattern. I the top 3 row in the top is blue with left middle side with also blue. Then all the bottom sides is red and the right middle is red too. The center of the color is Purple.

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