Living With Laptops

For the past 2 days, all the 6th graders have been working with their new laptops. We talked about how to hold your computer in a safe way, what to do and what not to do and much more. Yesterday we started the day off with a riddle/scavenger hunt kind of thing. Mr. Broughton had told us that if we weren’t going to get our laptops, unless we had figured out all the riddles and opened a box. This box contained a bunch of riddles and our class split up into smaller groups to try and figure them out. We had  to run all around the school to find out what the words really meant. This was probably my favorite activity.  I think that we used great teamwork and really thought about how the words had a deeper meaning. Another activity that I think is really important to know in order to use our computer time wisely was yesterday with Mrs. Edwards. Mrs. Edwards told us that we of course have to take care of our laptops, but we also need to take care of our bodies. When we are on our computers for too long, we sometimes forget to take a minute to just breath and take a break. Otherwise a lot of bad things can happen to your body and mind. We spent the whole period doing yoga and taking a break and get our bodies moving again. This really helped us realize that we shouldn’t spend all our time on our computers. These past few days have really improved my way of thinking and I hope that everyone will take great care of their computers and technology.




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