Unit 2 Final Reflection – Printing

I think that I have incorporated a lot of personal facts about myself into my design and that has definitely made this project super special and characteristic. At one point during the beginning part of this project, I noticed that a lot of the things that I drew would turn out to be the same color because there was nothing between them to separate the colors. I solved this problem by drawing a small border around the designs. As you can see, my triangles (the diamond) are surrounded by a thin border of a separate color. I am particularly proud of the way I filled my whole motif with lots of shapes and how I made my design with simple straight and curvy lines whilst making sure that the motif would interlock. I think that I also did a good job of measuring the sizes of my drawings. For example, the 2 triangles that create a diamond when printed above or underneath each other. Using a ruler, I had to measure where the bottom corner of the triangle started and where it ended (the corner next to it). I feel that something that I would change if I could do this is again is the way I carved my printing plate and managed my time because I was rushing to finish up the carving as I felt that it would be the part of the project that would take the longest. Even if I am correct, it still left me with results that I didn’t love and because of that, I had to take more of my time to fix up some mistakes in the print. I could improve my cultural influence idea by letting it stand out more and add more detail because if you look at it, you can’t really see any cultural resemblance. I would probably add pepperoni slices or more of the pizza type of shape. If I wasn’t going to do this, I would probably change my whole cultural influence idea to something that I cared for more and had more of a connection with, like a celebration or a tradition or an important milestone in America. I also wish that I had added something to represent Japan because it is a very big part of my life as well. I could improve my personal interest idea by trying to keep equal proportions and thickness of the stripes pattern. I am actually pretty happy with my choice to use volleyball as a personal interest because it did, in fact, help me try new things and be more confident in myself (volleyball club). However, if the volleyball plan didn’t work out, I would probably use piano as a personal interest as my whole family plays it and we share our interest in it together and learn from each other.

The interlock in my motif isn’t as accurate as I hoped as some of the ink wasn’t strong and I cut the dried prints in a bad way. However, the interlock isn’t too bad. There is a triangle at the top and the bottom of the design. As mentioned before, these triangles form a diamond when placed above, or below each other. I chose these colors because I thought that they would stand out with each other as they are 2 very different colors. Also, if you don’t already know, black and orange resemble the well-known holiday, Halloween. I really like Halloween as my friend and I always celebrate it together and create a haunted house that a lot of people go to. I think that my color plan was unified because if you look at my prints, you will see that the orange ink on black paper is in an X shape and the black ink on orange paper is a kind of plus sign shape. I, however, wish that I had changed the colors to black and white or colors that are even more different and contrasted with each other. Overall I think that I did a fairly good job on my project. However, if I was to do this again, I would probably do it a bit differently.

My finished artwork:

Art Unit 1 Reflection

Look at both your Class 1 self-portrait drawing and your Class 13 self-portrait drawing.
How did your learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistically?

I think that I have definitely developed my drawing skills. I think that I improved on my shadows and highlights. If you look at my Class 1 drawing, I had no shadows and highlights at all and it looked very 2D, but my Class 13 drawing has more detail and looks much more realistic. I began to understand that gradation and value were a BIG part of drawing realistically. When we first started Unit 1, we made Value Scales and Gradation Scales and I kept wondering why we really needed to do this. However, I now know that without gradation, I wouldn’t be able to change the lightness and darkness slowly and make it blend together, and without value, my drawing would look very flat and I wouldn’t be able to make shadows and highlights.

Imagine you could draw your self-portrait again, with all your new skills and knowledge.
What 3 things would you do differently to make your drawing even better?

If I could draw my self-portrait again, I would ask more people about their opinions on my drawing and take it into consideration more than I did this time because that would probably make my drawing better. For example, some people told me to fix my shadows and I didn’t think that I needed to add more, but the next class, I saw what they saw and realized that they were actually right. I would also use better value and try to create more of a contrast with it because my drawing doesn’t have a large variety of different shades and it makes my drawing look like some details are missing.

Unit 1 Statement of Inquiry: “The process of artistic creation can lead to self-discovery”.
Which 2 LEARNING WORDS best describe you as an artist during this unit?
inquiring knowledgable thinker communicator principled open-minded caring risk-taker balanced reflective appreciation commitment confidence cooperation creativity curiosity empathy enthusiasm independence integrity respect tolerance

Explain why these 2 words describe what you have discovered about yourself.

I think that one of the words that best describe myself during this unit this year is communicator and integrity. I think this because I was able to ask Mr. Reed questions when I was either confused about something and needed clarification or needed help with my self-portrait. Another example to support why I think of the words communicator and integrity is that I was able to give people honest feedback on their self-portrait drawings, communicate with them easily, and give them suggestions. Another word that I think best describes myself as an artist is reflective because I kept holding my self-portrait out in front of me to see what I could improve on, add, or change, and I took my time to look closely at the details and try to fix up most mistakes.