Tech Day 2017

Technology is not always computers and iPhones, although it is, there is more to it. Technology is about solving problems. Today I solved a problem while trying to build a bridge sustainable enough to hold weights on top. While my¬†group and I were building our bridge, we realized that our design wasn’t as strong as we wanted it to be. We began to look around at other people’s ideas and tried to incorporate those ideas into our own design. When we did this I started to think of the common saying “Standing on the shoulders of giants,”. We started to add more and more chopsticks to make our bridge stronger and we saw a great improvement. We progressed a lot in a matter of minutes and we actually won 1st place (Along with 2 other groups)!

Another problem I solved today was during my first session. Mr. Martinez was teaching us how to make paper buildings. (Buildings that we made 3-dimensional out of 2-dimensional paper. This wasn’t as hard when we were practicing and I followed along with the class. However, when we began working on our final buildings, it was much harder as my design idea was difficult. The way I solved this BIG problem was by asking for help from Mr. Martinez and not being scared to try different strategies. I didn’t quite finish as well as I had hoped, but I definitely¬†got a lot done. Tech day was an incredible experience and I learned a lot for only a couple of hours.