Art: Unit 2 Reflection

I think I did particularly well at my design because I put a lot of thought into it and I made sure that it all works and is interlocking. My projects weakness was that it was my 5 motif sketches because I did not put much effort into them and only 2 of them where good. On the other 3, I made the lines too thin and the motif too small. I think for my cultural influence idea in my final design I should have added more because my cultural influence only had 4 lines representing the culture. I could have improved my personal influence

My colors are unified because they create a pattern. I chose the colors that I chose because they are my favorite colors or I think that they would look good.

Art Unit 1 Reflection

Question 1:
Me practicing has helped me draw because I focused and concentrated while doing so, I also now work better with certain tools like blending stumps, the blending stump helped me draw great shades and gradations. I worked hard on learning the proper value and the proper gradation scales in order to make my drawing realistic and 3D. I think me learning how to use tools and how to draw proper value and gradation scales has and will continue to make my drawing better, more realistic and 3D.

Question 2:
If I were to repeat this drawing I could definitely improve on the size of my right eye, my mouth, and the nose. I erased and redrew those part very often but just couldn’t get the right size. I think that if we had darker pencils I could have done better on the shades. I think I did well for my age but can always improve. I think I should have come to open studio more to work on this project but I never felt like I was behind so I didn’t.

Question 3:
I think the two words that would best describe me from what I learned during this unit they would be committed because I think I worked very hard on each part of the unit and I improved by a great amount. The other word would be enthusiastic because I have shown much effort and I enjoyed this unit.

Tech Day

Today we hade tech day. My favorite activity was robotics where we created lego robots that then played hockey Otto and mine got the most points for our team. the robot that we built looked like a beetle so we call our robot “The Beetle”. then we improved it and called it “The Beetle 2.0”. It was a fun day

Hi I am Emil

Hi I am Emil (last name not included for privacy). My favorite food is Pancakes, Lebberwurst (German food) and Lebberkäse (also German). I am from Germany and I have lived in 3 countries including Germany (3/4 years), China (3 years) and Japan (currently). I like to watch movies and to build (my age is unlisted because it will change, today is September/12/2017).