Art Unit 1 Reflection

Question 1:
Me practicing has helped me draw because I focused and concentrated while doing so, I also now work better with certain tools like blending stumps, the blending stump helped me draw great shades and gradations. I worked hard on learning the proper value and the proper gradation scales in order to make my drawing realistic and 3D. I think me learning how to use tools and how to draw proper value and gradation scales has and will continue to make my drawing better, more realistic and 3D.

Question 2:
If I were to repeat this drawing I could definitely improve on the size of my right eye, my mouth, and the nose. I erased and redrew those part very often but just couldn’t get the right size. I think that if we had darker pencils I could have done better on the shades. I think I did well for my age but can always improve. I think I should have come to open studio more to work on this project but I never felt like I was behind so I didn’t.

Question 3:
I think the two words that would best describe me from what I learned during this unit they would be committed because I think I worked very hard on each part of the unit and I improved by a great amount. The other word would be enthusiastic because I have shown much effort and I enjoyed this unit.