Art Unit 2 Final Reflection

PARAGRAPH 1 – STRENGTHS: Something that I did very well was designing the plate and where everything goes on the plate, I think I did that well because it took a lot of measurement and time. An idea that I had was to use the English flag but with my design I already had on […]

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Art Unit 1 Reflection

QUESTION Paragraph 1 Well I think that learning all these new technics really helped me out because of how I started in the beginning that portrait that I drew did not look like me at all. Now the portrait I have drawn has the resemblance of me. I learnt shadowing, highlighting, size and place. These skills […]

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Tech Day

Tech Day Today on tech day i did 2 things, one was “something amazing with Mr.Martinez” and also “Paper Crafts.” In Paper crafts we printed some blueprints of paper people and objects out and we cut them out and fold them to make the people or objects. In Some amazing with Mr.Martinez we made 3d […]

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AtL Skills

Hello, My name is Oliver and this is my friend and I ATL skills from some videos that were made by some 7th, 8th and 9th graders. I watched 3 peoples videos, they where on Toby’s, lennea’s and Colin’s blog. They had some interesting things on there blogs but what we did was watch their videos […]

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Hello, I am Oliver Harrison from 6E and i just want you to be invited to my blog! I hope you have a good time looking at my blog!                                                   ENJOY!

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