Tech Days

Technology is about solving problems. Today, I did robotics when we used Mindstorm robots to do hockey or soccer or something like that where we had to put a plastic jar thing into a goal. Our robots at first were normal robots that just moved around and then we put parts on the robot to make it stronger then we played again.

In the class with Mr. Martines. we made pop up cities. We made a  house first for practice then did our own things. I thought it was hard because the paper was hard to cut and also because we and to measure it.

ATL Skills

I watched videos made by 7~9 grades that were talking about ATL skills and they were mostly based on one of the  ATL skills. I learnt about communication skills and collaboration/social skills. Then I made a brainstorm about what ATL skills the 7~9 graders used in the video. I think that they used thinking and communication skills. The 7~9 graders used creative ideas to make a good video. Also, they used communication skills because they communicated to us and they talked to us.


5S – Kohki.H.

Photo%20on%209-2-16%20at%208.30%20AM%20%232Hi my name is Kohki Hirao. I am 10 years old. I am from japan. I like soccer and baseball. I am new to YIS but I think I will like it here. My favorite color is blue and my favorite animal is tiger. I lived in Germany for 3 years. My favorite class is Art class, P.E,Unit,Math,Reading, and Music.