ATL Skills

I watched videos made by 7~9 grades that were talking about ATL skills and they were mostly based on one of the  ATL skills. I learnt about communication skills and collaboration/social skills. Then I made a brainstorm about what ATL skills the 7~9 graders used in the video. I think that they used thinking and communication skills. The 7~9 graders used creative ideas to make a good video. Also, they used communication skills because they communicated to us and they talked to us.


5S – Kohki.H.

Photo%20on%209-2-16%20at%208.30%20AM%20%232Hi my name is Kohki Hirao. I am 10 years old. I am from japan. I like soccer and baseball. I am new to YIS but I think I will like it here. My favorite color is blue and my favorite animal is tiger. I lived in Germany for 3 years. My favorite class is Art class, P.E,Unit,Math,Reading, and Music.