Tech Days

 technology is all about solving problems. Today I did pinhole photography (in the morning). Pinhole photography is where you have a box or a tin can and use it as a  camera. The film is (white) light-sensitive paper, so we got it in by turning out all the lights and then turning on a red one because the paper is only sensitive to white lights. then we put a magnet over the hole poked with a sewing needle and took it off for two minutes and the light-sensitive paper caught the picture. Then we put it through four different baths and it came out with an image, but you can’t see the image of the fountain on mine in this picture. this solved the problem of using electricity to charge cameras. then we did robotics, where we played hockey with them and every now and then, we modified them so they could flip other robots on their backs and grab the puck more easily. our team didn’t score any goals but we did ok. I don’t really know what problem this solved.

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