Unit 1 final Reflection


Q1: look at both your class 1 self-portrait drawing and your class 13 self-portrait drawing. Explain: how did your learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistically?

I learned to use Gradation and different values. For example, on the different values, there were darker and lighter parts, like some shadows were really dark, and some were so light, they were barely even noticeable. On the highlights, some were completely white, while some were a bit darker. I learned to do shadows and highlights to make the drawing look 3 dimensional. I had to use gradation to make the shadows blend with the lighter values. For example, on the left side of my photo and portrait, it is mainly all shadows except for some of the eye. I can see some of the right eyes, but hardly any of the right side of the nose. To make the shadows blend, I used a blending stump and my finger. To get the shadows right, I had to communicate and collaborate with my classmates and ask what I should improve on. I had to think about and understand what my classmates were telling me what to improve on. I had to problem solve so I could see what to improve myself because I can’t ask my classmates every time because they need time to work and improve as well. I think the interpretation of my self-portrait would be happy because I was excited to start my self-portrait, but I was also a bit nervous to begin, so you can kind of see that as well. The value and gradation scales really helped me learn a few values. The gradation scale really helped because of all the blending I had to do for my self-portrait. The eyes, nose, mouth study really helped because I had to draw my facial features onto the drawing, but I had to get it almost exactly like the ones in the photo.

Q2: Imagine you could draw your self-portrait again, with all your new skills and knowledge. Explain: what 2 things would you do differently to make your drawing even better?

I would not erase as hard as I did so the paper wouldn’t peal. I would need to focus and concentrate on not erasing so hard. I think I also would have practiced my eyes, nose, and mouth a little more because then I would have done it a little bit faster and improve my eyes, nose, and mouth skills. I think I was pretty effective in my self-management skills, but I still think I could have stayed on task a bit more than I did. I think the proportion and shape of my eyes were a bit too big. I think my portrait is representational because it represents how I look. It doesn’t really represent me as a person, but it does look like me. In the end, I think it came out looking pretty realistic. I would have sketched my pencil lines a bit lighter. for example, I was erasing to hard, but that was only because the pencil lines were way too dark. I think I would have done my hair differently because it didn’t look as realistic as the hair in the picture. with The hair in the picture, you could actually see some of the darker hairs. I think I also would have made my shadows darker because The ones in the photo looked a lot darker than mine. But that may also be because the pencils I had to use weren’t dark enough.

Q3: Unit 1 statement of inquiry: “The process of artistic creation can lead to self-discovery”. Which 2 learning words best describe you as an artist during this unit? Explain why these 2 words describe what you have discovered about yourself?

I think the two words that best describe me out of all the learning words are commitment and creativity. I think these two words describe me best Because I committed to finishing and making it as great as I could. However, I couldn’t show my creativity in my portrait because I had to copy the picture. If I could try again, I would wear something creative and representative of me for the day of the pictures. The big things  I discovered about myself were that if I really put my mind to it, I can use the different key term skills such as contrast that will help me organize my self. I think that these words describe me well because I commit to things I really want to do like my self-portrait, or just art in general. I think that creative is a good describing word for me, I just couldn’t show it because I had to try to draw the picture that was taken of me. these are only two of the words that best describe me. I just didn’t find any of the other words on the list great fits for me.

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