Unit 2 Final Reflection

Paragraph 1: Explain your projects STRENGTHS

  1. what did you do very well?
  2. What ideas and solutions are you proud of?

Explain your projects WEAKNESSES

  1. How could you improve your cultural influence idea?
  2. How could you improve your personal interest idea?


  1. How accurate is your interlocking?
  2. Does your interlocking create new shapes? A new pattern?


  1. Why did you choose these colors? What do they symbolize?
  2. Is your color plan unified or are your colors random?


I think I did really well on carving. For carving, I did a 40-60 balance. I carved about 60 percent of my design. There was just a lot more negative space than positive space. You can barely even see the parts where I messed up. The only part of the carving I didn’t do was get rid of all the little printing marks I had at the end. I think I also did well on the interlocking because it interlocks on all 4 sides, even though it may be a bit off. Overall, I’m proud of my end product because I tried my hardest and was really committed to finishing. I could definitely improve on the gluing. The glue I used got on the print when I was spreading the glue along the sides and it smeared to ink a little bit. The ink is smeared, but I don’t think it’s too noticeable. For example on one part, I smeared the ink and it wasn’t too noticeable, but on another part, it was a lot more noticeable. When I started to carve, The curved lines and shapes were the hardest. This is somewhere I had to use creative thinking and solve problems. I had to think positive and just keep going and push through it. The main pattern was the tiger sitting on top of my cultural influence. This is my personal interest. It had a lot of small corners that were tuff to carve away. I didn’t really have a main motif. That would be something to improve If I ever did my print again. I had to measure carefully with a straight ruler in order to make sure my pattern interlock. When I had to draw and design the print that I had to transfer my ideas to the plate, While I was in the process of doing so, I went outside the lines. While this didn’t affect the print, the paper still went into my sketchbook for a grade.


A few spots of my Final product’s interlocking were a little off. For example, on the corners of the project, the circle was off by a bit, but not too much. Maybe a few millimeters off. I think my Interlocking was pretty good for the most part. In the Corners, the interlocking creates circles. The wavey lines create longer wavey lines. I chose the colors I chose because The colors would show up on the color paper I chose. The idea was that I would have the prints in the shape of a cross with the different colors in order to display color unity and contrast. I chose pink paper because pink is my favorite color. The reason pink is my favorite color is because When I was 3, one of my relatives who I cannot recall at the moment, gave me a small light pink blanket, and I have had it ever since, and I absolutely love that blanket to this day. I chose turquoise ink because I knew it would stand out well on the pink paper and display contrast. I chose red on green because they went well together and Christmas is my favorite holiday and red and green are the main Christmas colors. My color plan is that the different would form a cross in the middle to symbolize my culture which is Christian.

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