Tech Day

November 14, 2017 - Uncategorized

Technology is about solving problems.

Today we had Tech day. The activity I did is the “Pinhole Photography” and “Stop motion
video creating”. For Pinhole photography we go a metal paint can with a pin siz ehole on
the cap. We insert the film in a dark place without any light. The film absorbes the light
so we used a red light instead so we could see a bit. For taking the photo we went to the
park in front and took 1 min to get the photo. After that we went back to the dark room and
finnished it up with chemicals.
For Stop Motion we got some clay and a tripod. We took picture on the iPad and made the
stop motion.

Pinhole Photograph – I learned how people took pictures in the old times, I learned that more light makes the
film go dark and less light makes the film mor lighter gray.

Stop Motion – I learned that  you could do many interesting things with a clay and a camera because, clay, you can mold and make it into very funny shapes.


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