Uint 2 Final Reflection

June 2, 2018 - Art

I think I did well on thinking deeply about how things interlock. Thre koto one was easy to think of because I just drew half koto on the sides so it interlocks but for “Creative thinking” I first thought of background. I wanted a background because It was kind of boring without it or something small. Then Koto came up in my mind ( Because I enjoy playing the koto… ) and just remembered that koto music scores are interlocking too. ( As usual too ) So I have added that. For solutions, I am proud that ( Maybe not so so proud more like glad that I noticed ) I noticed that the star I drew first was a Jewish symbol and I didn’t want to offend people ( plus I’m not Jewish ). So I fixed that by adding 2 triangle-ish things on the sides. For Idea, I am proud of my ideas of interlocking, for example, the koto and the koto background but especially the koto. I could improve my cultural influence ( The star in the middle ) by making the top and bottom pointy thing a bit shorter. ( The width not height ) I could improve my personal interest ( Koto ) by making the strings equal width. ( But right now the width of strings being unequal was on purpose.


My interlocking is really accurate because I took a photo of my motif sketch and put 9 altogether to check and it interlocked very well. Yes, my interlocking makes a new shape. I drew half a koto on the sides of the plate and then it will give a different shape ( koto ). The colours I chose are black and white. They symbolize my favourite colours. My favourite colours are between white to black but I like black the best. My colour plan is unified. I am going to do a pattern of black and white.

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