Reflection Unit 1 Art

Question 1

I got my drawing very good because I practice the eyes, nose, mouth, and gradation by using a different value. For example class 2 and class 3 we worked on a different value, but also gradation by using blending stamp. We also did Eyes Nose Mouth Study and this helped to draw a realistic eye than class. This skill helped me to draw the eye to the final portrait. For example, on class 8 we started to draw the eyes, but I think if I didn’t practice drawing the eye I won’t make a great shape. I collaborate with others by communicating or giving feedback to each other and this helped for me to find the wrong part and fix it. I used the open studio at the first few classes because of Mr.Reed told us that don’t be late so I was trying to be not late and be ahead.

Question 2

I think I would change how hard I use the eraser because on this portrait I ripped the paper and damage it. For example, if the paper was damage it might or it will look bad. Also, I would change how hard I use the eraser because this will help me to do the highlights. For example, I need to have a different value on highlights too. I would also change my pencil more often because this portrait I need to have a great contrast between the highlight. Also, I need to have different value because that will not look three-dimensional. For example, if I change pencil often than it will help me to get different values.


Question 3

What affected me was that I was balanced and principled because balanced helped me stay on work, but also worked or chat with my friends. For example, I worked so quietly because It helped me to stay on task, but also worked with my friends so I stay balanced because I work, but worked with my friends. Also, this skills helped me because it helped me to think hard where is wrong and find out where is the wrong part so this made me principled. For example, I like working in a quiet place because it helps me focus and solve the problems so this made me principled by staying on task. Also, this skills helped me because I was able to be ahead of people.