Unit 2 Final Reflection


I think I had a good and complex interlocking because it took really long to make the interlocking. I think I did well on making the lines very straight on curving. I think I also did very good on my printing because it looks clear. For example, I clearly printed my plate to the paper. I am proud of the idea of my plate because I show my interlocking and showed KANJI. For example, I connected the top and the bottom and made KANJI. I think I can improve on cultural influence idea because I can have more creative thinking. For examples, I can have more, not the real stuff.  I think I can improve on personal influence idea because I can show that I like soccer more. For example, I could make the ball clear to see on the plate.


I think my interlocking is very accurate because I used the graph sheet well. For example, I checked with a ruler too. My interlocking make a new shape because when it interlock it make a KANGI. For example, when they get together they show something very new. I pick this color because I like these color and shows what I like too. The color is unity because of 4 pink on the edge and 4 light blue on the sides and one yellow on the middle. For example, It makes a good patter with color.