May 1

Art Unit 1 Reflection

Question 1: How did my learning help me improve and learn to draw more realistically?

My learning had helped me to draw more realistic. I used tools like a blending stump to help me draw a realistic portrait of my self. For example, I learned to use a blending stump while making the gradation scale and I also practiced using a blending stump while doing the eyes, nose and mouth study. My eyes, nose and mouth study helped me draw the eyes nose moth on the self-portrait. For example, it helped me get ready for my self – portrait so when I draw it I know what to do so I feel confident enough to draw it.

Question 2: What 2 Things Would I Do Differently To Make My Drawing Even Better?

If I did my drawing again, there are two things I would do differently. First, I would draw the lines lighter and the background darker so id don’t need to erase and make it darker. Second I will draw my self – portrait more carefully and slowly so it looks better and looks more like me because in my self – portrait it looks like a different kid, not me.

Question 3: Which 2 Learning Words Best Describe You As An Artist During This Unit?

I will choose Inquiring and Commitment. I am inquiring because I like to learn new things for example when I was doing my eyes, nose and mouth study I looked at videos and step by step to learn how to draw. I am also committed because I work hard, try my best and never give up. For example, when I failed drawing my nose I went to my friends to get feedback and never gave up.

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November 14

Tech Days

Today in tech days I learned that technology is about solving a problem. Today in tech days I used technology to solve problems in many ways.

Like for instance, I used technology to make a bridge hold as many computers at once and the team that holds the most computer wins. we did this by connecting all the chopsticks and make the bridge stable. We even staked the chopsticks to make it stronger and stable.

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