May 30

Art Unit 2 Final Reflection

Art Unit 2 Final Reflection

Question 1

I personally think I did well on thinking creatively and making the design creative and thinking of ideas. I am really proud of my final design because of it I made a good design and it tells what I am interested in and my culture influence. I could have improved my culture influence by drawing a thing in Japan that I liked instead of drawing the flag because it doesn’t show what I like about Japan. I think I could have improved my personal interest by thinking more creatively because it looks simple and instead I could have added more things like a ball.

Question 2

I think it is accurate because I measured everything with a ruler and checked if it interlocks together to make a patter. My interlocking creates a shape like a star and also makes like a wave. It also makes other patters and shape that looks cool. I used the color red, green and purple. I chose these colors because these are all complementary colors so they match. I planed this because it will look better and it will stand out more.

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